Funded by Leicester’s maintained primary schools, Closing the Gap is a programme of projects and initiatives which aim to:

✓ Address city-wide priorities identified by school leaders

✓ Develop and maintain long-term, city-wide activity which contributes to improving pupil outcomes

✓ Ensure de-delegated funding is used effectively, where it is needed most

CtG is governed by a Steering Group of primary headteachers and representatives from the LA and teaching schools. The group work collaboratively to identify common needs and priorities for the city’s schools and then commission work accordingly.

Currently there are 10 active work ‘strands’ within the CtG programme which offer a wide range of school-improvement activities, training and development opportunities and resources to address Leicester’s current needs. Effective planning groups of practitioners and subject experts secure a sense of purpose and value for money across the strands. These are monitored and evaluated half-termly by the CTG Steering Group.

Current work strands include: English, EAL, Maths, Science, Curriculum, SEND, Attendance, Governance, Finance and Education Research.

Closing the Gap is funded by maintained primary schools but academies are able to buy in to most projects or initiatives.